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Our company hires only the most proficient and professional of renovators in all of Dyker Heights NY. We give them a complete in-depth training that enables our renovator team to come up with state-of-the-art and creative designs and solutions for your home remodeling needs. You will be pleased with our service because we put your needs first. So, get in touch with us today!

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Bathroom Remodeling

Our expert bathroom remodelers are knowledgeable in every design, style, and comfort of your bathroom. Hire us today! We specialize in providing high-quality and affordable bathroom remodeling services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our designers can wisely redesign your kitchen with beautiful, functional, and timeless designs. Our quality suppliers and skilled contractors can offer project materials and installations at the best prices.

Home Improvements

We hire only superior remodelers, and they are highly expertise in providing the best designs of home remodeling. We always ensure that our services will be as unique as you are.

NYC A1 Home Improvement has been calling for our professional craftsmanship and exemplary customer service.

Our Working Process

01. Project Planning

Our consultants provide world-class facilitation and project planning services

02. Project Designing

Delivering reliable results and beautifully finished designs within tight project deadlines.

03. Project Building

During the ongoing project, we complete a series of tasks that will lead to the completion of the project.


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If you are still a little doubtful of choosing our home remodeling service, then here are a few more reasons why you should choose us!

  • Affordable and reasonable pricing
  • High quality and eco-friendly products used
  • Free home remodeling estimate
  • Consultations from Experts
  • Active customer service
  • Exceptional team of innovative renovators

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    What They Say!

    Kate Fetrow
    Kate Fetrow
    We hired NYC A1 to redo our entire apartment, including gut renovations of the bathroom and kitchen, moving a closet, redoing the hardwood floors, replacing light fixtures, etc. It was an ambitious project, and we are thrilled with the result. Moe and his team's work was excellent--we really appreciated their attention to detail, they went above and beyond to get things right. They have a high degree of “finish”, and didn’t call a component complete until it was polished to a high standard. They were flexible as we encountered hiccups in the process, either with sourcing supplies, or when we encountered surprises inside the walls. Communication was sometimes an issue, but as we got into a rhythm on the work, we were generally on the same page before a particular component was initialized. Moe was able to accommodate our vision, and provided useful input and insight where appropriate. This was particularly useful in a century-old building where nothing was level or square. The quality and value of the work were excellent, and we were very happy with our choice of NYC A1.
    Yan M
    Yan M
    We used NYC A1 on our full house reno over 1 year ago (a bit under 2 years since reno completed). I will say, the actual renovation process was bearable and Moe was very responsive and easy to communicate with. Very reasonable and easy going guy. However, I will likely not recommend using this company, and at the very least, recommend with some caveats and reservations. Because this was a whole house reno, subcontractors were used, and apparently, SUBPAR subcontractors were used. There have been issues since the renovation was completed, and there was some response by Moe to fix things, but over time, that response diminished, to ZERO. Some issues were small, some were big, but what really prompted this review are the current problems I have to deal with. I had a new mini split AC system installed in my home for multiple floors, and literally every single floor has been experiencing issues. Last summer, one unit on the main floor was leaking into my wall, and after reaching out to Moe and with no response, my husband attempted to open up the wall and remedy the situation. This was <1 yr after reno was completed. I thought Moe would respond at the least, and provide some insight as to what was wrong or who we can reach out to for help. It's not as if I was requesting he fix the issue for FREE, I simply wanted some guidance. No response, whatsoever. Fine. My husband "fixed" the problem. Then this summer, the unit starts leaking AGAIN. I reached out to Moe once more, via text, nicely and just asking for advice. No response. Again. My husband had reached as well. No response either. I finally had to reach out on my own and find someone to come assess the issue and repair the unit. Turns out, one of the drainage pipes was installed improperly, at an insufficient angle, that is basically useless for draining, and therefore liquid backs up and leaks into my wall. My interior wall had to be opened up and patched. Time, effort, money wasted. On a new mini split system, under Moe's watch. Then my basement units started having issues; and it turns out, there is an issue with the condenser and also a coolant leak somewhere in the system. Once again, TIME, MONEY wasted on a new mini split system, installed under Moe's watch. And finally, now my 2nd floor units are not working. Not sure what is going on since it just happened today, and I am going to have to hire someone to come and assess the situation again. Once AGAIN, TIME, MONEY, will be wasted. My frustration lies in clearly poor work by the sub contractors, and mostly, lack of response by the owner. I had expected at minimum, an acknowledgement and some support. To be truthful, I thought I had encountered a contractor that I would be able to establish a relationship with for future work and to recommend to friends and family. I understand the value in finding good people to work with; even if it is at a cost. However, I feel I may have been mistaken in this situation, and unfortunately, don't think I will work with this company again. Perhaps my experience is the exception, but for anyone considering this company, best of luck.
    meaghean Murphy
    meaghean Murphy
    I can't say enough good things about NYC A1--they just finished my kitchen remodeling, and they were fantastic! Friends couldn't believe how quickly they got the job done. I knew Moe was trustworthy from the start, and he did not disappoint. HIs crew arrived every day, on time, and worked so hard to get it done just right. I am very happy with my new kitchen!
    Sebastian Okser
    Sebastian Okser
    After purchasing our apartment we decided to remove a wall between our living/dining room and a bedroom to create an open-concept floor plan. This was our first New York renovation and we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. We had originally spoken to several contractors that we found both by referrals as well as searching online. We decided to move forward with Moe from NYC A1 Home Improvement and are extremely happy that we did. He was extremely quick in providing a quote and explained all of the work that would be done and estimated how long everything would take. Additionally, he helped us to navigate through many of the permits that were required as well as insurance and other details that were needed by our building. The whole crew that worked in our apartment was always very polite and nice to deal with, as well as effective at what they were doing. When the work started, they did an amazing job protecting the rest of the apartment from the construction mess. They also took great care to ensure that we would still have access to our kitchen and bedrooms without having to go into the construction zone. Additionally, they were also very conscientious about cleaning up at the end of every day and ensuring that there was never a mess (even though they were doing demolition work!). His subcontractors were also prompt and he ensured that when complications with our HVAC occurred, they found optimal solutions and went above and beyond to ensure that any extra work that had to be done in other parts of the apartment would not create an uncomfortable situation. Within the original time estimate, the work was completed and we couldn’t be happier. No shortcuts were taken and they ensured that everything was done properly and to both our and our architect's expectations. Additionally, his original cost estimate was extremely accurate. We will definitely use him again for any future work that has to be done and have recommended him to our neighbors that are also looking for contractors.
    Ramsey Driskell
    Ramsey Driskell
    Couldn't be happier with the work done by NYC A1 Home Improvement. Painting, installed baseboard and crown molding, sanding and staining brought my staircase back to life. I plan to use them again for future projects.
    Nazifa Rashid
    Nazifa Rashid
    NYC A1 did an excellent job putting up the cabinets in my kitchen and the pantry against the wall. They were very calculated and worked well together as a team. I appreciated their work so much that I asked them to come back and put up a wooden pergola in my backyard. I am very pleased with their work!
    Russell Harmon
    Russell Harmon
    We hired NYC A1 Home Improvement to do some major renovations to our house. We have done minor remodeling before so we had an idea of how this process should work. We called and scheduled an estimate, first, our project manager was on time, professional and very friendly. During the estimate he gave us ideas and showed us pictures of previous jobs they have done. This was something that really helped us put our vision together. It was nice because he was professional yet very personable and we knew we were in good hands. We decided that we are going to expand our kitchen and re-do it all. We also took some walls down in the living room in order to create an open floor plan. They truly made this whole process fun for us. It all went smoothly, we definitely will call Moe again for our future projects and recommend them to friends and family
    Gianna Colvis
    Gianna Colvis
    NYC A1 Home Improvement did a great job gut renovating my bathroom. The guys on the job were very respectful, and clean! They cleaned the job site frequently as they worked! The job was completed within a week of the estimated time and I am so happy with the final product! Highly recommend this professional company will definitely be using them again for my future remodeling project!
    Luke McCrary
    Luke McCrary
    Greatest customer service! Moe listened to everything I wanted and sat with me for hours to perfect my plan for my future bathrooms and the results exceeded my dreams! They never forget about their clients and are not only professional, but they are fun to work with as well! These guys get the job done in a timely manner and produce amazing results. Quality work, anything you need these guys will take care of you.
    Tori Clift
    Tori Clift
    NYC A1 has been incredible in remodeling my home. I hired them just to remodel a bathroom, but ended up remodeling all three bathrooms, kitchen, two bedrooms and I got a new bbq area. From the start Moe has been honest and professional. The attention to detail, both artistically and technically, have been a warranty that I will be able to keep my house in excellent condition, and aesthetically beautiful for years to come. It was money well invested, brought my property price up, and I feel like I live in a brand new house, without having to go through the buying/moving headache.